Targeting Options

The AdComette Network has a broad range of geographic targeting options from location and regional sites to IP-based targeting at any geographic level.

Not all internet service providers report the correct geographic locations of the IP addresses that they supply, particularly for people viewing the web from work. We recommend a hybrid approach: 50% of traffic using geo-targeting, and 50% using sites that we can recommend for given regions.

Technical Targeting Options


Country, State, City, Metro Area, Zip Code, Area Code

Time of Day

Day of Week, Time by Viewer’s Time Zone


Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari

Operating System

Windows, Mac

Connection Speed

Broadband, Dial-up

These third parties include; Eyeblaster, Eyewonder, Pointroll, Brightroll, DART, Zedo, Ad Shuffle, Ad Tech, Yieldmanager and Atlas. If you have another ad tag our trafficing team would be more than happy to test if for you.